Steering Towards TQM/TPM

GS Auto has always shown incessant thirst for product quality and customer satisfaction. At GS, each component passes through stringent test at the stages of Design, Raw Material Procurement and of course, during the manufacturing process. Conformance to the quality is just not restricted to the shop floor, with each worker following the quality guidelines as per Quality system of the Company but also throughout the supply-chain.

Shop Floor Scene : 
ACT-CII Senior Officials auditing the  Productivity Improvement activities at the Shop-Floor.
GS Auto has joined a cluster of fourteen Indian companies in January 2001 under the program initiated jointly by ACT (ACMA Center of Technology) and CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). The mission of this program is to bring about improvement in the production processes by way of concept propagated and practiced by major automotive companies the world over. Under the joint program the cluster member companies are required to carry out self-audition and improvements in house based.

Realizing the tangible benefits of these concepts such as cost–reduction, improved productivity, optimization of resources, better inventory-management and so on…..GS Auto became the first Company from this region to have taken the initiative and started making efforts in Jan’2001  by implementing and practicing 5-S , TPM ,TQM and TPS concepts,  with the involvement of all the workers and employees. Now, with full determination, enthusiasm and all efforts on, GS Auto is steering ahead with times.

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